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I started my career as a professional contemporary dancer. Later I became choreographer and performance artist; exploring the deep expressions the body can utter. Always feeling life flowing through my movements.  For more on my art, visit

I am a qualified Voice and Movement Therapy (VMT) practitioner. VMT  explores expression of the emotions through voice, breath and postures. The body is always contracting and expanding with the soul.
For more about Voice Movement Therapy, visit:

In 2018 at the age of 49, I experienced a physical/spiritual awakening. What it brings to me is the awakening of the inner body energy flow.  I am able to tune into waves of bliss through my entire body. Some call this kundalini awakening. For me it is simply feeling the divine in me, my connection to Source through my body. I also experienced an orgasmic vaginal awakening, and realised that there is so much I need to teach the world. My life work now is to translate this inner awakening to others by means of the body awareness skills I have built up over a lifetime.

I do not teach the tantra philosophy. I work directly with your body to guide you into a deeper connection with your bliss essence.


I see many people waking up to ‘feeling’ – Yes, a super sense of sensing their life-force within themselves. We are sensing the energy flow within ourselves and understanding ourselves as connected to the magnificence of the Universe. It may sound like “Fairy Talk” to you now, but it is real. Many of my clients say: “How do you describe yellow to a person who cannot see?” – How can we describe this feeling to someone who has not felt it? It is within us all, just waiting to be recognised.

I am here to guide you.. trust me, I have walked this path.

This feeling is a renewed way of being with yourself. It is a path of joy and of growth – like taking your daily dose of vitamin life and feeling the blessings unfold on a day to day basis. It is a way of aligning yourself to the golden energy of the universe, allowing it to flow through you more and more and allowing it to keep aligning you to your highest good. It is so simple, almost childlike… it is pure being, pure sensing of the divine inside your body…

Allow me to guide you gently, step by step, deeper into your body, deeper into sensing yourself inside yourself – here you will meet the golden light of being. We are going to use the gateway of pleasure.

Let me explain what will change in your life and why we are doing this:

The first thing that will change is that you will feel more connected to your body – this gives you an overall feeling of being more whole and at peace.

Secondly, your level of pleasure will increase substantially. You will derive much, much more pleasure from being alive in your physical body. You will have to keep doing the work and bringing your side, but you will have the tools to help you getting more and more pleasure out of being alive in your body.

Thirdly – your physical pleasure and orgasmic potential will escalate through the roof – you will build the capacity to enter deep and long orgasmic states, either with yourself or with a partner. These are not only genital orgasms. You will know how to transport your bliss through your entire body for as long as you please. You will understand that you, yes you, have the ability to enter an orgasmic state. This is true for men and for women and for people of any sexual orientation. It is not so much your gender or sexual orientation that matters, but your relationship with your own body and knowing how to share this awareness of  bliss with your lover.  Which bring me to the next point…

Finally, I believe that making love in this advanced manner is a way of bringing healing into the world. Yes, if we ourselves know how to access the divine life-force within ourselves and then make love to another who can access the same level of awareness within themselves. Then we are making love with our whole being, with our souls. It is an advanced way of weaving our light together. In the moment of feeling the light of life-force within ourselves, we are indeed creating a direct connection to the Divine, we are communing with the Divine and allowing the Divine to also commune with us.

By bringing this golden presence together in love making, we strengthen and nourish the Flow of Divine Life-force. This is when love-making is sacred.   And don’t worry – it is still fun and it is sexy, we access our highest desire, our highest pleasure, our highest surrender. We can all be healers, healers for ourselves, for our lovers and for our participation on this earth.

- Leán

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