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Online Courses for Couples

Your body holds all the wisdom to heal every aspect of your life.

It is through our bodies and pleasure that we become fully aligned to our highest truth and to our most joyful life!

At the beginning of your relationship, you really wanted to discover the other, what they want, what they are passionate about and what makes them vibrate. A few years later, you feel that the passion has diminished, and you no longer feel the same attraction towards your partner. The good news is that you can rekindle the flame of passion in your partner through Tantra, in ways you may never have believed before.

One of the ways in which Tantra helps to return this feeling of passion is by allowing you to look at each other with new eyes, as if you were strangers and fell in love with each other, just like the first time. Next, we will offer several options in which the good practice of Tantra can help couples to recover chemistry.

As a couple:

  • Experience a sense of wholeness, intimacy and love.
  • Generate greater pleasure and ease with yourself and then potentially with a partner.
  • Bring forth your creative power in all areas of your life, not just sex.

For the woman:

  • Opening up to a deeply satisfying connection with yourself — and then with your partner if you are in a relationship.
  • Achieving new ways of experiencing orgasmic joys and pleasures by reawakening your feminine energies.
  • Creating aliveness and vitality in your body, relationship and life.

For the man:

  • Integrating your sexual with your heart energy.
  • Become more present and available.
  • Deeply connect with yourself and your partner in mutually satisfying and ecstatic ways.
  • Separating orgasm from ejaculation (ejaculatory control or choice) that then allows you to sustain your precious life force energy.  And then experience new heights of joy and pleasure through tantric sex.
  • Sustaining or re-vitalising health in your body and life.

All online courses are self-study. You can do them in the privacy of your home and in your own time.

Intimate Massages for Couples

Intimate massages for couples:

This is a section from the above 6-week course "Pleasure fo full-body orgasms"
In other words the 6-week course includes the intimate massages.
I am breaking the big course into bite-size sections, starting with the intimate massages.
In this course you will be shown how to give a Lingam (penis) massage and how to give a yoni (pussy) massage

Who is it for?

  • Couples who would like to learn tantric intimate massage techniques
  • Women who would like to gain more skills and confidence when engaging with their partner's penis
  • Men who would like to touch their partner's genitals with more skill and confidence
  • Couples who would like to expand their sexuality in a loving conscious way

The Pleasure of Full-Body Orgasms

6 week self-study course for women and their lovers

The course is made from the perspective of a woman - helping her to access her pleasure. There is guidance for her male lover on how he can support her in this process.

You will both learn to:

  • Build a healthy relationship to your own bodies
  • Connect to your ability to feel pleasure
  • How to enjoy vaginal orgasms
  • How to have hours-long full body orgasms
  • maintain your ability to orgasm and feel pleasure while making love to your partner
  • Give each other Intimate massages to regain awareness and sensitivity in the genitals

How it works:

  • In the first 4 weeks of the course you each work on your own to learn how to connect with your own body and how to switch on your own orgasm.
  • In week 5 and 6 you connect with each other as lovers, while staying present in your own body and pleasure.

Demystifying Energy Orgasms

In this course you will learn:

  • What are energy orgasms
  • How to start feeling them
  • How to nurture them
  • How to activate and circulate them with your partner

Once you have completed the course you get a bonus a one-on-one online session with Leán, the course creator.

Who is this course for?

  • Couples who want to connect their sexuality and their spirituality
  • Couples who would like to experience energy orgasms on their own and with their partner

Tantric Lingam (Penis) massage

Lingam massage:

This course is all about the penis.
It contains:

  • Two beautiful lingam massage demonstrations
  • A number of teachings about interacting with a man
  • Interviews with men about conscious love-making

Who is it for?

  • Women who want to become more confident in their interactions with the penis
  • Women who want to heal their relationship with the penis
  • Lovers of men who want to be more confident when making love to a man
  • Men who want to interact with their own sexuality with more care
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